This is an exclusive train-the-trainer (TTT) program where upon completion you will not only have gained an invaluable skillset that is considered to be an elite tradecraft in military intelligence and business intelligence, you will also have gained the knowledge and skills to train others in this skillset and if you chose, you can make this endeavor into a profitable livelihood.  

Easily explained, elicitation is an advanced technique used to collect information from others while concealing your objective; acquiring information without having to ask for it. It is highly effective and used by intelligence agencies world-wide as well as numerous private and public sector organizations as a business intelligence strategy to help businesses make more informed business decisions. Elicitation can create opportunities for you to meet key individuals and gain critical information in an unassuming manner by designing the perfect scenario for a chance encounter or letting you take advantage of a chance encounter that can turn into a rewarding relationship that can help secure someone’s safety or financial future.  


You can use elicitation whether you are in the medical field and trying to find out what is really ailing a patient, or a sales representative trying to figure out what will motivate your customers to buy, a business analyst trying to figure out the competition, a global conference attendee trying to meet individuals to recruit, a C-Suite executive trying to figure out how his or her company or product line is perceived, a marketing director trying to forecast the market, or a government official trying to figure out what threats exist that may compromise our nation's security.  The bottom line is, if your goal is to acquire information that you cannot just come out and ask for, then you need to use elicitation. 

Elicitation is a highly sought after skillset but not many people have the exposure and expertise to use it effectively.  It takes high-level training and a lot of practice in order to use it successfully and get results.   Your training should come from someone who has used it for years and still uses it operationally in their careers, not from someone who has just read about it.  Anyone can read a book on elicitation, but it will be very difficult to actually use it in the real world. 

Because this is a TTT program, Lena interviews all interested applicants via a phone interview prior to acceptance into the program.  Once she has determined your eligibility in the program and upon successful completion of the program, you will be considered a certified TCG Elicitation trainer.   (*Note: You will not be a train-the-trainer, meaning, you will not be certified by her to train others to become elicitation instructors.)  Lena has a reputation for excellence in this field so you can understand why she is very selective in who gets accepted into this program.  In essence, you will be representing her and her company. 

To ensure the success of our relationship and your future, upon acceptance into the program, you will be given a contract to sign with TCG in which will agree to the following things: 

  • All training material will retain the TCG logo and contact information when you train other entities. 

  • You will not misrepresent TCG while training other entities by using this material as a train-the-trainer program; you will not be certified to train others to be trainers. 

  • Stipulations for violating the contract will be clearly defined in the contract. 


After completing this program you will have the confidence and the skills to; 

• Approach strangers, build rapport, gain their confidence and trust and establish rewarding relationships 

• Control any conversation you have in an unassuming manner

• Extract the most sensitive information, while concealing your overall objective from others

• And you will be able to train individuals and organizations using her proven and highly effective techniques so they can achieve their future goals.  

In this program you will learn the following:

  • 15 Proven Elicitation Techniques: You will not only learn 15 techniques, you will learn how to skillfully craft them so that each is a provocative statement and you will always elicit a narrative response and keep the conversation flowing effortlessly.

  • How to be a confident elicitor and what behaviors and demeanor you want to portray so that you do not give off what Lena calls, "the creep factor." You will learn how to put yourself at ease and how that puts others at ease by taking advantage of mirror neurons. 

  • How to perfect the casual chance encounter; "the bump."

  • How to avoid the elicitation spotlight effect, which is when your demeanor alerts others and causes concern which leads to a lack of trust, sharing of information, and ultimately, a failed elicitation attempt. In the worst-case scenarios, this can lead to you becoming the target of unwanted attention, especially if you are operating in an environment where security and safety are paramount.

  • You will learn about the elicitation stoplight. When to proceed with your elicitation attempts, when to stall the conversation and change gears, and when to cease the conversation. You will learn the verbal and nonverbal indicators that will tell you if you are in the green, yellow or red light during a conversation. 

  • How to accurately read body language so that you can pick up on signs of stress, contempt, worry, anxiety, and use this to assess whether or not your target is getting ready to shut down or open up. You will also know what to do with your body language to persuade your target to open up to you.

  • Fast, easy and effective ways to build rapport and more importantly, gain trust in others so they want to share information with you.  You will learn how to increase your "likability factor." 

  • How to effectively and skillfully use embedded commands and "magic words" to gain compliance, trust, and rapport.  You can become persuasive and influential by just knowing what words to say and when.

  • How to model your conversation through the hourglass method.

  • Effective conversational transitions and gates.  You will know how to push a conversation forward to where you need it to go or how to circle it back around to a topic you need to further exploit.  You will how to carefully listen for conversational gates that you can use to jump off on to another topic of interest.  You will be able to bounce back and forth during a conversation so that your target does not become aware of what topics are important to you. 

  • How to protect your identity and sensitive information by using 10 elicitation countermeasures. 

  • How to secure a follow-on meeting with someone to develop a rewarding relationship. 


By the end of this program, you will have the confidence and the skills to control any conversation you have. You will be able to extract the most sensitive information while concealing yours and your overall objective.

Time Investment: This TTT program is a 5-week online program.  Each week is self-paced but lessons will need to be completed by the start of the following week.  Be prepared to spend approximately 10 hours a week on your training.  Some individuals may spend less, some more. The more time and effort you put in each week, the more you will get out this program and more prepared you will be to reach your personal goal of being a highly effective and successful elicitor and elicitation trainer.  Your training week starts and ends on a Thursday.  Each week you will have a training lesson, homework assignments and a weekly tag-up call where you will teach back that week's lesson to Lena.  Remember, this program is not only teaching you an elite skill, but it is also certifying you as a trainer so you will have to demonstrate your knowledge of each week's lesson. 

Cost Investment: $3995 USD for tuition and materials. The course is offered at


  • You do not need any prior knowledge of elicitation. 

  • You will need access to a computer and a strong wi-fi signal for online work and weekly tag-up calls. 

  • You will have homework.  You will be given homework assignments every week that will take a minimum of three hours of your personal time. You may find yourself putting in more time depending on your personal needs.  Your homework assignments will be divided into two parts: a performance activity and a teach-back activity.  Lena is a huge proponent of speaking from experience, so, having done what you teach.  Before she will certify anyone to teach elicitation, she will require you to perform elicitation activities.  This will make you a more experienced and credible instructor because you will be able to reference real-world examples from your own real-world experiences.  The homework is designed to push yourself outside your comfort zone so that you can perfect your elicitation skills.  The second part of each week’s homework assignment will be the teach-back activity.  This is where you will teach Lena what you learn.  During your teach-back session, you will be mentored by Lena and you will be given constructive feedback to perfect each lesson in order to fully prepare you to facilitate an elicitation training session. 

What You Will Receive:

  • Personalized, interactive, training guided by Lena Sisco, recognized globally as an expert in the fields deceptive analysis, interrogation and interviewing, body language and of course, elicitation.  

  • Your name will be mentioned on this website as TCG Elicitation Trainer!

  • You will keep all of your weekly training material which you can use to train your clients after you are certified by The Congruency Group. That material includes the following:

    • All TCG PowerPoint training slides that include a How-To Facilitation Guide for each presentation for each week’s lesson

    • A TCG desktop Elicitation Reference Guide and PDF document that you can reproduce for your classes

    • All videos used in her training classes

    • One-on-one mentoring and feedback from Lena during your presentation to her 

    • A training certificate from TCG stating you are certified by TCG in the Elicitation TTT program.  

All material will be mailed to you on a thumb drive for you to keep upon the successful completion of this program.​

Your Return on Investment:  Lena will provide you two Elicitation Facilitation Outlines (EFO); one for a 1-day training program and one for a 2-day training program.  All you have to do is collect your clients!  

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