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This is an exclusive, advanced 12-week program in a skillset that has previously only been used as tradecraft by intelligence services worldwide. If you were never in the military or working for a government agency, chances are your exposure to elicitation was little to none. Now, however, you get the opportunity to learn and use one of the most elite communication methods from a former military intelligence officer who has been using and teaching elicitation for over two decades, Lena Sisco. Lena is considered an expert in this field and is even hired as a covert role-player to test special forces in their training abilities by using elicitation. She can persuade individuals who are trained at keeping secrets to divulge sensitive information to her using her advanced elicitation techniques, the same techniques she will teach you in this program. Corporations also hire Lena to sit in high-level client/customer meetings to "read the room" and provide feedback to help companies put their best foot forward when trying to win a new contract and negotiate contract terms.


What Is Elicitation?


Quickly defined, elicitation is an advanced skill set used to collect information from others without them being aware. Elicitation allows you to acquire knowledge without having to ask for it. This intelligent tool is used by intelligence services and numerous private and public sector organizations as a business intelligence strategy to help them make more informed business decisions. Elicitation creates opportunities for you to meet key individuals and gain critical information in an unassuming manner. It also allows you to design the perfect scenario for a chance encounter with someone you want to meet. It prepares you to take advantage of a chance encounter that happens naturally, turning the meeting into a rewarding relationship. In business intelligence, elicitation techniques are defined as interviewing, observation, role-play, and brainstorming. While all these techniques are beneficial to acquiring information, they do not train you how to actually acquire the information. This program will teach you that. 

This program also teaches you how to accurately read verbal and nonverbal cues from others so that you will know whether or not there are hidden messages in what they say. You will have a competitive advantage at the end of this program. How do we know this? Because only a fraction of the professional population knows of this technique, and fewer know how to use it.

Why Use Elicitation?

  • You want to master the art of controlling a conversation

  • You want to be able to accurately decipher body language movements and gestures

  • You want to hear hidden messages in what people are saying

  • You are hesitant to ask for something out of embarrassment or fear of reprisal

  • You want to draw out a response from someone who is hesitant 

  • You are concerned with ruining rapport or offending someone

  • You are scared of losing a client or a sale

  • You want to answer someone’s pain points

  • You are not sure what people want and too shy to ask them

  • You want to enhance your negotiation skills

  • You want to find out if someone is withholding pertinent information from you

  • You want to gain a competitive edge in your industry

  • You want to launch your business into the future

  • You want to meet like-minded people and join their tribe.


This 12-week advanced program is hosted on Thinkific. Here is a list of the weekly session topics:


Week 1: Introduction and Expectations

Week 2: Prepare for Success

Week 3: Confidence & Bumping 

Week 4: Plan & Control Your Conversation

Week 5: Elicitation Techniques 1-5

Week 6: Elicitation Techniques 6-10

Week 7: Elicitation Techniques 11-15

Week 8: Elicitation Mind-mapping & Scripting

Week 9: Elicitation Countermeasures

Week 10: Body Language Intelligence

Week 11: SWAT (Statement & Word Analysis)

Week 12: Program Wrap-Up & CTA (call to action)​


Many people do not have the exposure and expertise to use elicitation techniques effectively. It takes high-level training from someone who has used it for years and still uses it operationally in their careers. Anyone can read a book on elicitation, but it will be challenging to gain the level of knowledge needed to use it effectively. Lena has that level of expertise. She is a former Navy human intelligence (HUMINT) officer and a former Department of Defense certified military interrogator and has been using elicitation operationally since 2003. Lena has been training the most elite military forces in elicitation and counter elicitation since 2009. In 2013 she brought this skillset to the private sector to help them have a competitive edge in their industries. Organizations in the aerospace industry, marketing, and sales have invested in her expertise to help them achieve milestones above their competitors. 

Elicitation can bring you success whether you are;

  • in the medical field trying to find out what is ailing a patient, 

  • a sales representative trying to figure out what will motivate your customers to buy, 

  • a business analyst identifying your competition, 

  • an attendee at a global security conference networking with individuals to recruit talent, 

  • a C-Suite executive wanting to discover how his or her company or product line is perceived, 

  • a marketing director forecasting the market, 

  • a government official analyzing threats that may compromise our nation's security, 

  • a human resources manager handling sensitive issues,

  • a financial auditor conducting investigations,

  • a leader attempting to assess his/her team's personality and communication preferences,

  • or someone looking to attract a particular type of individual into your inner circle,

elicitation will help you accomplish all of these objectives and more. 



You do not need any prior knowledge of elicitation or body language to enroll in this training. You will have homework assignments every week that will take approximately five hours of your time. You may find yourself putting in more time, depending on your personal needs. Lena designed the homework to push yourself outside your comfort zone to perfect your elicitation skills. Be prepared to put effort and work into this program. If you commit your time and effort, upon completion, you will have the confidence and the skills to;

  • Approach strangers, build rapport, gain their confidence and trust and establish rewarding relationships 

  • Discretely control any conversation you have 

  • Extract the most sensitive information while concealing your overall objective from others

  • Expand your network by attracting people you want to bring into your inner circle

  • And gain a competitive edge in your industry. 


Only a fraction of the population knows of this technique, and fewer know how to use it.


What You'll Get


  • A weekly training lesson consisting of a video presentation of Lena teaching you the content. The lessons will be about 60 minutes each. You can download and keep these lessons for eternity.

  • An AEP Learning Journal where you will record all of your homework and activities and relevant research.

  • A Target Bump Sheet that you will use during your bumping homework activities.

  • A Mind Map & Scripting Worksheet

  • A PDF AEP Reference Guide

  • An AEP certificate of completion

  • One-on-one coaching from Lena.


Cost Investment


The 12-week Elicitation program costs $6300 for tuition, all training and facilitation materials, certificate, and personal one-on-one weekly coaching from Lena herself.

Upon completing this program, you will have mastered an invaluable conversational skillset you can use to create a safe and prosperous future while refining your interpersonal communication skills and tuning up your presence in front of others. This program is guaranteed to transform how you speak to people, how people perceive you, and how much information you can acquire to answer your requirements and meet your objectives. 

We invite you to challenge yourself and learn an elite skill set to take control of your future.

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