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The ABC'S of Human Interaction:

Awareness, Body Language, and Communication



This is a 4-hour online course meant for anyone looking to perfect their interpersonal skills. It is especially beneficial to leaders in any business or industry. Whether you are a team leader, coach, mentor, manager, supervisor, or executive, this program will help you increase the effectiveness of your communication with others. 

  • You will learn how to focus your awareness in order to:

    • Learn the dos and don’ts of body language

    • Uncover the myths about reading body language 

    • Detecting common nonverbal deceptive indicators by being able to read facial expressions, body gestures, and movements accurately

    • Detect common verbal indicators of deception when someone speaks by actively listening and conducting statement analysis

    • Change verbal language from negative and accusatory to positive and non-accusatory

    • Ask good questions to avoid confusion and frustration and to clarify information

    • Mindfully listen without making assumptions

    • Control impulses and focus attention

  • You will learn how to identify and overcome common communication barriers such as:

    • Biases, prejudices, assumptions

    • Personality types

    • Organizational & procedural 

  • You will learn how to handle conversational challenges by knowing:

    • What to do and say to resolve and deescalate conflict

    • How to remain emotionally controlled

    • Why being familiar with your organization can help enforce efficiency and effectiveness equally while diffusing “otherness”

    • Things to consider when communicating across cultures.

  • You will learn how to be a mindful leader. There are many levels of leadership within an organization; leadership is not just at the director or executive levels.  All employees are key leaders and they impact each other and the organization. They provide direction, support, motivation, and feedback to each other in order to meet the organization's goals collectively. A mindful leader, at any level in an organization, can lower employee emotional exhaustion and increase an employee’s well-being (happiness, morale, self-worth, satisfaction, etc.) and performance (productivity, quality, quantity). We will teach you how to be a mindful leader and bring out the best in your employees to promote employee well-being. 

Time Investment: 3.5-hour self-paced online course

Cost Investment: $395 USD. The course is offered at

What You Will Receive: Training facilitated by Lena, TCG's ABC's of Human Interaction Reference Guide, and a personal 15-minute Q&A session with Lena at the end of your training via Zoom if you wish! Please contact Lena to schedule. 

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