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Introduction to Conversational Elicitation


This 4.5-hour online self-paced course is for anyone wanting to learn a highly effective elite skill that can help you acquire information in the most unassuming manner. In this course, we will provide you with the fundamentals of elicitation and teach you where, why, and how you can use elicitation effectively. Elicitation is a skillful conversational technique used to obtain information from others during a casual conversation while concealing the intent of the conversation. You may want to find out information that you feel uncomfortable asking for and that may make others uncomfortable or that may be damaging to your reputation or your profession if you ask for it openly. Lena teaches what she refers to as the "Easy 8" elicitation techniques. They are easy to learn and, with a little effort, easy to master. You will also learn some highly effective rapport-building techniques to gain likability and trust and body language dos and don’ts for looking and feeling confident while conducting elicitation. 

Participants will learn conversational elicitation techniques in order to casually and unassumingly obtain pertinent information from others and counter elicitation measures to protect themselves if they become the target of elicitation. 

You will learn:

  • 8 proven elicitation techniques 

  • How to skillfully craft the techniques into effective provocative statements to elicit narrative responses to keep a conversation flowing effortlessly

  • How to be confident when eliciting to avoid behaviors that give off what Lena calls "the creep factor" 

  • How to put yourself at ease and how that puts others at ease through taking advantage of mirror neurons

  • When to proceed with your elicitation attempts, when to stall the conversation, and when to cease the conversation entirely to preserve your integrity and safety 

  • Nonverbal behavioral indicators to look for that will tell you if you are making someone nervous or uneasy

  • How to pick up on signs of stress, worry, and anxiety and use this to assess whether or not your target is getting ready to shut down or open up  

  • The do’s and don’ts of your body language

  • Fast, easy, and effective ways to build rapport and increase your likability factor 

  • How to listen for effective conversational gates that you can use to jump off onto another topic of interest and seamlessly transition the conversation when and where you need to

  • How to push a conversation forward to where you need it to go, or how to circle it back around to a topic you need to exploit further

  • How to avoid elicitation attempts made on you by using eight easy elicitation countermeasures to protect your identity and sensitive information.

Time Investment: 4.5-hour self-paced online course

Cost Investment: $395 USD.  The course is offered at  

What You Will Receive: Training facilitated by Lena, TCG's Conversational Elicitation Reference Guide, and a personal 15-minute Q&A session with Lena at the end of your training via Zoom if you wish!  Please contact her to set this up.

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