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(4-hour Online Course)

Lena is internationally known as a deceptive analysis expert. She was a former military interrogator and an expert witness on the TV show Couples Court for three years. She is a member of the Profiler Task Force (check them out on YouTube!) and has worked with lawyers, law enforcement, and government agencies using her unique and expert skill set to help solve criminal and civil cases.  She has been teaching deceptive analysis, to include statement and word analysis (SWAT), to the military, law enforcement, and government agencies since 2003. She was recently on Eric Hunley's Podcast with Mark McCLish, the retired US Marshal who created the term, "Statement Analysis," discussing statement analysis - check it out here!  
Lena has conducted her own research - pending future publication - in statement analysis during a training environment in 2015 in which she discovered new verbal indicators of deception. She considers herself a "word nerd" because she has an ability to analyze every word and statement people say or write and uncover the hidden truth, after baselining how people speak and use words and considering the context in which they were used. She can help you learn how to read between the lines and uncover the hidden truth to protect yourself, your family and friends, your finances, your reputation, your career, and your credibility. Learn from an expert who has been analyzing statements and words for decades and who has years of validated successful results.
Are you ready to learn what she knows?  Are you ready to start hearing and seeing words in a way you have never seen them before?  Are you ready to be challenged?  Then welcome to SWAT Level 1.

Time Investment: 3-hour self-paced online course

Cost Investment: $395 USD.  The course is offered at

What You Will Receive: Training facilitated by Lena and a Reference Guide that you can use to successfully prepare for any upcoming challenging conversation, or, two re-engage a previous unresolved disagreement.

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