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Lena Sisco

Founder / CEO

Lena is a former US Navy Intelligence Officer and U.S. Marine Corps certified interrogator who deployed during GWOT.  She is a published author, TEDx presenter, keynote speaker, TV expert, instructor/trainer, and Instructional Systems Design (ISD) certified curriculum developer. Other certifications include the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University, Organizational Change Management, Ratheon Six Sigma, Change Style Indicator, Change Navigator, and Power + Systems Lab's Organizational Workshop.  She brings her human intelligence (HUMINT) skills to you no matter what industry you are in.  She has trained thousands of military, law enforcement, and DoD personnel as well as various organizations in the private sector industries such as sales, marketing, health, business intelligence, and finance. She is energetic, engaging, and teaches from real-life experiences. Lena is a graduate of Brown University with her Masters in Old World Archaeology & Art.  She is an animal advocate and has been volunteering at numerous organizations with animals since 2005. Her hobbies include sailing, writing, and always learning. 

Kelly O'Clair


Kelly is a 15-year Marine Corps Veteran with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been training military and DoD personnel in human intelligence and counterintelligence since 2007 with expertise in scenario development and role player testing. Kelly is also an ISD certified curriculum developer and holds a BA in liberal arts with a concentration in Behavioral Sciences.  He is also the Executive Director of a non-profit organization in Hampton Roads, and serves on numerous committees supporting the LGBTQ community.

Kerry Strollo

Booking Agent

Kerry brings years of experience and finesse and handles all of Lena's speaking contracts. If you are interested in hiring Lena, please call her at 781-369-5946 or email her at

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