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Are you interested in learning more about detecting deception, interviewing, body language and soft skills that can help you uncover the truth and perfect your overall communication skills and human interactions in your personal and professional lives?  We thought you would be!

Lena has joined Patreon in order to share her knowledge with you without you having to hire her to come train you, which can be a little more costly than your budget allows. If you are looking to become more proficient in the art of human interactions, here is your chance for micro-learning in some of the coolest skills and what we think are some of the most critical, on your time, available to you anytime.  You will learn how to ready body language, yours and others', detect lies and find the truth. Who wouldn't want to do that? 


Visit Patreon and follow Lena to become a micro learning practitioner.  It's fun, cost effective and invaluable.