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Organizational Cohesiveness & Change Management (OCCM)


TCG trains numerous industries and government entities in leadership and advanced interpersonal communication skills that directly impact the cohesiveness of an organization and how it is aligned with the mission and overall strategic vision. In this 2-day course, Lena helps employees, from the bottoms to the middles to the tops, feel inspired and motivated and part of a collective team with a shared vision. She teaches participants first how to discover their preferred change style preference using Discovery Learning International (DLI) Change Style Indicator (CSI) and, second, how to help themselves and others transition through the four stages of change using DLI’s Change Navigator (CN). She is also certified in DLI's Decision Style Profile tool. These tools provide critical insight on how to effectively and successfully initiate and communicate the change to all employees so that all employees can comfortably transition to implementing a change. 

She will also teach participants how to encourage themselves and others to create and maintain a culture of respect by using enhanced interpersonal communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal, how to leverage diversity and differences in personality preferences, and how to increase trust and accountability with each other. The employees of an organization are the biggest asset. You have to grow and nurture them so you can retain their talent to ensure the success of the organization. Lena will teach participants how to use her D.E.F.I.N.E. goal-setting coaching model to help others grow personally and professionally.

Lena is certified as a trainer and administer of DLI's CSI, CN, and DSP, which will both be administered to participants during the training, and she is a body language and enhanced communications expert.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Increase self-awareness and identify personal preferences towards communication and change

  • Effectively coach, grow, and nurture others by effectively listening and being mindful

  • Promote trust and accountability amongst the group by building rapport and strengthening connections

  • Identify and overcome communication barriers by seeking clear information and ridding biases and perceptions

  • Respectfully and effectively communicate cross-culturally.

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