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Lena is hired as an instructor, trainer, facilitator, consultant and keynote speaker.  She provides services to both the public and private sectors.  Her expertise is in the following areas: body language analysis, deceptive analysis, interview & interrogation, elicitation, rapport, negotiations, conflict avoidance and resolution, enhanced communications, transformational leadership, organizational change management and mindfulness practices. 

Lena has also partnered with a few LLCs in order to deliver the most comprehensive and expert training possible. She has partnered with Investigative Concepts to train law enforcement personnel in advanced interviewing and interrogation techniques.  Her 3-day Strategic Law Enforcement Interviewing Course (SLIC) is certified in the state of Virginia by the Department of Criminal Justice Service. 

She has also partnered with Tactical Truth Systems to provide clients the most comprehensive methods in deceptive analysis.  Some clients prefer an added level of evidence when hiring us for deceptive analysis.  If you are one of those clients, we provide the human element in detecting deception and Tactical Truth Systems can provide the technological assessment with their state of the art Forensic Voice Analysis technology.   


She also works on various cases to help individuals and organizations acquire accurate information in order to be successful and safe. Lena has been referred to as an "interrogator for hire."  She has been contracted by lawyers, investigators, companies, and private citizens to help them in a variety of cases concerning, theft, money laundering, adultery and numerous other criminal allegations.  If you feel you need assistance in seeking the truth, or, getting the edge in your professional arena, email or call us for a free, private consultation at training@thecongruencygroup.com | +1 703.898.6364.  

Lena is trusted by many entities for her professionalism, confidentiality and of course her expertise. You can put your trust in her to help you in your most sensitive cases. 

Disclaimer: Lena carefully vets all inquiries and will chose which cases she will work at her discretion.