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Media Guest, Individual & Professional Consulting Services

If you want a legitimate expert in body language and detecting deception, hire Lena.  She has decades of real-world experience stemming from her former career as a Navy Intelligence Officer and Marine Corps Certified Interrogator. She had to accurately read body language and detect deception to save people's lives, literally.  She was a former interrogator during the Global War on Terror.  The stakes of her expertise couldn't get much higher.  She has been interviewing and interrogating since then and just finished up three seasons as an expert witness on Couples Court with the Cutlers produced by Emmy Winner, David Armour.  She has a magnetic TV persona and her expertise is the real deal.  Contact her agent, Kerry Strollo at or call her at +1 781-369-5946 to book Lena to analyze and assess the body language of celebrities, political figures, and more.  

You can also hire Lena as an instructor, trainer, facilitator, consultant, and keynote speaker.  She provides services to both the public and private sectors as well as individuals.  Her expertise is in the following areas: body language intelligence, deceptive analysis, interview & interrogation, elicitation, rapport, negotiations, conflict resolution, enhanced communications, transformational leadership, organizational change management, and mindfulness practices. 

Lena is trusted by her clients for her professionalism, confidentiality, and of course her expertise. You can put your trust in her to help you or your organization achieve success.

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