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TCG's services include training (online, resident and mobile), consulting and speaking.  TCG has the ability to customize any training or speaking event that you would like that best fits your goals and your people.  We can put anything together to fit your budget, timeframe, and of course meet the expectations you seek. Email us today to receive a copy of TCG's 2018 Catalogue of Offerings and Services which provides detailed descriptions of our keynotes, seminars, courses and workshops
Online Training Courses:
  • R.E.B.L.E. Program: 5-Steps to Spotting the Lies and Getting the Truth
  • Conversational Elicitation
  • Enhanced Deceptive Analysis
  • The ABC's of Human Interaction
Mobile Training Courses:
  • Enhanced Strategic Interviewing (ESI); 3.5 days
  • Advanced Detecting Course (ADD); 3-days
  • Conversational Elicitation and Deceptive Indicators (CEDI); 2-days
  • Conversational Elcitation and Enhanced Communications  (CEEC); 2-days
Resident Law Enforcement Training Course:
Lena offers a 3-day training course for law enforcement personnel only called Strategic Law Enforcement Interviewing (SLIC), which is accredited by DCJS, through Investigative Concepts, LLC. Please see the course description and our upcoming course dates and locations  
If you are interested in hosting or attending SLIC please contact Ronnie Young or Donnie Norell 
Private and Professional Consulting Services Include:
  • Deceptive analysis (statement analysis & behavioral observation analysis)
  • Interviewing (screening, investigative, witness)
  • Elicitation 
  • Role-playing to test trainees
Do you need help in finding the truth in a personal or professional matter? Lena has been hired internationally by lawyers, investigators, law enforcement, Special Forces, private sector firms, as well as private citizens, to help them in their private and public matters. Lena has a high respect for confidentiality and therefore does not disclose her client list.  All potential clients are vetted prior to hiring. Please contact us to inquire about hiring Lena for your consultation needs. 

If you are interested in hiring Lena as your keynote speaker, please contact Kerry Strollo at KK@ROKKspeakers.com or call her at 781-369-5946.


Kerry can provide you with keynote and seminar descriptions, pricing, and answer any inquiries you have.

Keynote Speaker:
Lena is a former TEDx speaker, her topic was "My Secret to Breaking Terrorists: Detecting Deception & Rapport," she has been a keynote speaker for Evanta's Global CIO Executive Summits, The Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards (MACMHB), the Virginia Homicide Investigators Association (VHIA), JLL, The Alliance Safety Council, The International Association of Arson Investigators, the Institute for International Auditors, Morgan Properties, The Richardson Group, The American Association of Pharmacy, Investment Training & Consulting Institute, Inc, to name a few.  Topics that Lena speaks on are:
  • Enhanced Interpersonal Communication Skills: Lena refers to every aspect of how humans communicate, verbally and nonverbally, through questions, conversations and elicitation, influenced by biases, listening skills, personalities, and rapport, "enhanced communication." Learn how to: use positive versus negative language and avoid using accusatory language; avoid poorly phrased questions that can cause negative emotions and communication barriers; assess and mirror personality preferences to ensure messages are delivered and received correctly and positively; use embedded commands (Neuro Linguistic Programming model) to persuade others; increase your Emotional Intelligence and remain emotionally controlled; diffuse arguments and aggression and defeat conversational challenges.


  • Detecting Deception & Body Language: Learn the truths and myths about detecting deception and why many people see deception in truthful people or, why they miss deceptive indicators; identify the difference between behavioral indicators of stress and deception, both verbally and nonverbally, by baselining a person's normal nonverbal and verbal language first; conduct statement analysis on the words people identifying verbal indicators of deception such as convincing, formalizing, distancing, softening, diminishing and non-committal language; ask key lie exposing questions; and ask effective questions to get to truth. 


  • Increasing Awareness: Overcome inattentional blindness by increasing your awareness; look and feel confident so that others trust and respect you while avoid coming across as arrogant; learn how to overcome biases, prejudices and assumptions so you can be a better listener and communicator.


  • Rapport: Learn how to be like others so they feel a connection with you, even when you are communicating through a communication channel other than face-to-face; know what to do and say with verbal and nonverbal language that will make people want to communicate with you and trust you; understand why it is difficult for others not to be nice to you when you are nice to them.


  • Leadership Skills: You will learn the dos and don'ts of how to not only be seen as, but become, a respected leader and mentor. You will learn how to motivate and inspire instead of emotionally burdening employees. You will learn how to diffuse "otherness" to create an inclusive environment by overcoming communication choke points, that fosters production, creativity and respect.