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Hire Lena for Speaking, Consulting, Coaching, & Keynoting

Lena provides services that include online, resident, and mobile training programs, consulting, coaching/mentoring, and keynote speaking.  

She can customize any training or speaking event to fit your needs, goals, and people.  

Lena helps individuals with entrepreneurial planning, trial prep, investigations, interviews, and public speaking. She has coached and mentored witnesses and public figures prior to key events to ensure they have the confidence they need to successfully handle any challenge. You wouldn't want to risk your credibility in a high-stakes situation, so let Lena work with you one-on-one to perfect your verbal and nonverbal presence in front of others. She offers innovative training in trust-based conversations to help you master your verbal and nonverbal skills to perfect your human interactions.  

Lena offers one-on-one Professional Mentor Programs (PMP) if you want to achieve a personal goal. Click HERE for more information.


For all keynote inquiries, please contact Kerry Strollo at or call her at +1 781.369.5946. Kerry will be happy to answer any questions you have. 


Contact us if you would like to receive a copy of TCG's 2022 Catalog of Offerings and Services, which provides detailed descriptions of our keynotes, seminars, courses, and workshops

Thank you for your interest in us!

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