How well can you detect verbal deception, either in spoken or written words? Here is your chance to test your skills!  Below is a transcription from Amanda Knox's interview with Chris Cuomo from CNN published on YouTube May 2, 2014.  You can watch the video below as well.  Listen to and read her words carefully.  Try to find any indicators of verbal deception.  Once you are done, you can check yourself against my analysis by clicking  

This is a transcription of Amanda Knox’s answers:

(‘CC’ is Chris Cuomo, ‘AK’ is Amanda Knox.)


CC: “Why do you think that this judge goes further than any other,

that not only does he say that this is the knife, not only does he say

that you had it because of DNA around the bottom of the blain and

the hilt, but that he believes you are the one who actually killed

Meredith Kercher.”


AK: (Deep sigh and smile) "I believe, I mean I can’t speculate what this judge’s motivations are personal motivations or otherwise, what I can say is that as this case has progressed…the evidence that the prosecution claims exists against me has been, has been proven less and less and less, and, all that has happened is that they filled these holes with speculation.  My DNA, m--, any trace of me is not there. When you’re talking about traces of me that they attribute to be-- to the crime scene, they’re talking about my DNA in my own bathroom, or my footstreps (word slip on her part) that tested negative for blood that had my DNA and Meredith’s DNA on the floor between our bedrooms and the bathroom, well, of course, our DNA was there, we lived there for a month it was there, it tested negative for blood, so it wasn’t blood, and so it’s irrelevant to the crime, but we are talking about the crime that happened in Meredith’s bedroom and there is no trace of us.  If Rudy Guede committed this crime, which he did, we know that because his DNA is there, on the-- on Meredith’s body around Meredith’s body, his handprints and footprints in her blood, none of that exists for me, and if I were there, I would have had traces of Meredith's broken body on me. And I would have left traces of myself around -- around Meredith's corpse. And I -- I am not there. And that proves my innocence.  I--, I did not kill my friend, I did not wield a knife, I had no reason to, I--I was--in the month that we were living together we were becoming friends, a week before the murder occurred we went out to a classical music concert together, like-- we had never fought, and the idea, I mean, he’s brought up lots of things, crazy motives...”