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Learn how to get truthful information without asking for it!

 Do you want to learn how to create a relaxed environment, make people feel comfortable, and draw out information from someone who may be hesitant to share?
Then join Lena Sisco's online  

Advanced Elicitation Program

Here's The Full Story About This Elite Tradecraft

In the world of spies, there are tools and techniques used to unassumingly collect information from technology and from humans. The collection of these skills is called "TRADECRAFT." 

For centuries spies have used their tradecraft to successfully acquire sensitive information. It's so effective that it was kept inside the intelligence community - until now.


Elicitation is part of a spy's tradecraft kit. It is unclassified but exceptional.




Have you ever had a conversation that felt contrived, but you still weren't sure? Have you ever wondered if someone lied to you or purposely left out the information you needed to make an important decision?  Have you ever walked away from a conversation, second-guessing what you said or what you didn’t say? Most of us have, but you don’t have to feel this way anymore.

Let me ask you, do you want...

  • To control a conversation with ease and confidence - from briding topics and avoiding others

  • Build a deeper connection with people to gain their trust

  • Be persuasive and influential to the point of getting what you want

  • Extract the pertinent information in the most unassuming manner, and

  • Decipher hidden messages and get the truth?

Then join my Advanced Elicitation Program. You will get all of this and more. 























Here’s what participants of the AEP have said:


“You are not only my teacher, but you have become a role model for me. The information combined with your mentorship has made the most amazing changes in my life.”

~ CEO Human Resources


“You are so organized with your method that even though this skillset is so advanced, I feel that by the time I am finished with the program, I will be achieving major milestones in my profession.” 

~ Realtor


“I will admit, at first, I was hesitant and didn’t believe I could actually get information from someone without asking a question. YOU HAVE PROVED ME WRONG! I can’t believe I have missed out on this all my life! I wish I had this skillset years ago.”

~ Law Enforcement Officer

I have been using, teaching, and perfecting elicitation for decades, not just in the intelligence field but also in the business world. Few have the level of expertise that I do AND who can teach this tradecraft to YOU. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business analyst, an investigator, law enforcement, a health provider, in sales, a security officer, or a market analyst, elicitation will prove to be a vital tool.


You have to ask yourself, do you want to gain the upper hand in a negotiation? Would you like to know when someone is trying to avoid being truthful or withholding pertinent information that can impact a critical decision you have to make? Do you want to create a relaxed environment to draw out information from someone who may be hesitant to share? Do you want to become a conversational expert? Of course, you do, and you will.  

The real question is, are you ready to learn an elite tradecraft that is still a mystery to most people?


Are you ready to be armed with a new innovative way to accomplish your most aggressive goals? Do you want others wondering how you were able to get the information no one else could get?  


Why waste your time hoping to figure this tradecraft out on your own only to fail and potentially ruin relationships?  The sooner you start this learning journey, the sooner you will be able to fully control your future. 


The AEP is an online 12-week program where I mentor you every week along the way. 


Together, we will re-train your brain to make YOU a conversational master.


The program costs $6300, but if you pay in full, you get a 10% discount! You may be thinking that perhaps you should wait until the time is right. But ask yourself this, when will be the right time? If you delay a month, two months will go by, and you will still not achieve your goals and lag behind the power curve. What happens in three months? You are still stuck in the same place. I know this because, as humans, this is how we think, and I have been there. Hesitant to jump. But if you don’t make the leap and invest in yourself, six months from now, you will be no further along than you are now. People may still be manipulating you, you may still fear pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, and you will still not know how to control critical conversations. 


Invest in yourself and your future. You owe it to yourself to learn a skill set that is above and beyond any you have taught so far, and you get a chance to learn it from me, someone who had dedicated decades to perfecting it and who still uses it today. Join me.


I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

During WWII, The Russians used "honeypots" (beautiful women) to lure US soldiers into telling their secrets ~ and it worked like a charm. They would hide their true intentions inside a casual conversation so the soldiers' guards were down and their lips were loose. And you know the saying, "Loose lips sink ships.'
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