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Check out Lena in the Media!

Lena has been an expert panelist for the SPY Museum in Washington D.C. and for SPYEX in NYC. She is a regular guest on Court TV, FoxLiveNow and was an expert witness on the Emmy-nominated TV show Couples Court with the Cutlers for three seasons. She has been on Dr. Drew and in Twist magazine assessing celebrity body language. And, she has been on numerous radio shows promoting her books and on numerous podcasts around the globe. (Access her podcasts HERE!) 


She assesses celebrity body language so if you would like her to appear as an expert on your program or in your magazine, contact her today!

Here's Lena in another episode of Couples Court!

Here's Lena in an interview for the Sisterhood of Spies at the SPY Museum!

Here's Lena's TEDx talk.

Here's Lena in an interview talking about her 1st book, "You're Lying;' which, by the way, you would never say to someone!

My Channel

My Channel

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Check out a few Podcasts that Lena has been a guest on:

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