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ELEVATE is an online learning community for those of you who want to ELEVATE your awareness of human behavior, a.k.a. Human Intelligence (HUMINT) 


When you decide to join ELEVATE, you will be amazed to learn about things you wished you had known years earlier regarding human behavior. It always happens this way. Let's face it: even as technology advances, there will always be a human behind it. That means we must continually enhance our human-2-human interactions so that we can...

  • Show up to every conversation with confidence

  • Control those conversations with ease and grace

  • Identify verbal and nonverbal behaviors so we know who and who NOT to trust

  • Discover the truth from anyone

  • Enhance our interpersonal skills

  • Become increasingly more self-aware and situationally aware

  • Master interview and negotiation skills

  • Use elite elicitation techniques to acquire information without ever asking a question

  • Build personality profiles on your ideal client or stakeholder to know how to approach them best

  • Become more resilience and positively influential

  • Know precisely how to gain someone's trust

  • ...and so much more.


You will gain unbelievable expertise in HUMINT to ensure you make wiser life decisions, such as who to hire, who to invest in, and who to believe.


Your weekly training with me will teach you a ton of techniques that you will be able to USE in your lives. Each month, the training sessions will focus on a theme, whether that be communication, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and mindset, leadership, body language, or deceptive analysis. 


In ELEVATE, you will be networking and meeting a group of like-minded people whom you can collaborate and innovate with. For only $127/month, you get four training classes a month with a Q&A after each and a 40+ page communication guide I created for you called COMPAS; Communication Passport. All of the training sessions will be stored in a library for access anytime. You will also have access to additional reference material I have created for you that accompanies the training sessions. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 

What's Waiting For You Inside


Weekly Online Classes

You get to spend 1-hour a week on Zoom learning with me. The topics will vary, but they will be focused on human behavior, communication techniques, emotional intelligence, mindset, body language, leadership skills, deceptive analysis, and more. These sessions are the weekly Knowledge Shares (KS) for the ASCENSION members. They will be stored in a library so you can watch them anytime as long as you have an active membership.

VALUE: $1300/mth



I created a 40+ page info-guide for you that you can use as a workbook. It is full of information and exercises to keep your skills sharp!

VALUE: $67


Access to an Online Community

Inside this community you will always have access to the recorded weekly Knowledge Shares. You also get to collaborate and network with other members and have some deep-dive discussions about the content you learn in the weekly training sessions.

VALUE: Priceless!

Join Me Inside ELEVATE

Don't leave your future to fate.

ELEVATE your awareness of human behavior.

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