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Welcome to ASCENSION 

Become Fully Developed in All Aspects of Human Behavior

to Master Your Communication Skills


I created a membership site called ASCENSION where you have access to ALL of my online training courses and programs. The total value of that is over $15K and you get all of this PLUS weekly Knowledge Shares with me for an hour, and monthly Q&A calls with ME! ALL FOR ONLY $827/month!

I call it ASCENSION because the learning, networking, collaborating, and sharing of ideas will bring us all to a new level of mastery in self & situational awareness regarding interpersonal skills. For me, interpersonal skills encompass thought work, emotional intelligence, executive presence, mastering the art & science of how we interact with each other, the ability to accurately decipher between truth and lies, how to persuade trust and honesty, how to get the truth in the most unassuming manner, and how to protect ourselves, our people, assets, and investments. 

ASCENSION Membership & Community

When you join the membership site, you immediately get FREE access to YOUR community. Inside this community will be everything you need to know about upcoming events, your weekly and monthly calls, and the best part, networking with other incredible people and having deep-dive discussions into all of the topics you will be learning. 


What's INSIDE:


  • There are my two 3-month programs, the Enhanced Interview and Negotiation (EIN) program and the Advanced Elicitation Program (AEP), that you have access to. Both programs will take you 3 months as the material is dripped weekly. You do NOT want to rush through these programs! (Value $12,800)

  • YOU ALSO have access to my Honest Answers Master Class (HAMC) (Value $995)​

  • AND the Introduction to Elicitation Course (ICE) - which I would take before the AEP (Value $397)

  • AND the ABC's of Communication (Value $397)

  • AND SWAT Level 1 & SWAT Level 2 (Statement & Word Analysis Training) (Value $794)

  • AND you have access to the 6 Steps To Resolving Conflict (Value $197)

 TOTAL VALUE: $15,580

And this year I will be rolling out a brand new 3-month program in LEADERSHIP! The cost for that program alone is $6400. And guess what, you will have access to that as well!  NOT TO MENTION any additional new course material I create. IT IS ALL YOURS for $827/month!!!!

But there is MORE!

Each week you will join me on Zoom for a Knowledge Share (KS). This is an hour to train with me on a topic that I will pick, OR you can choose! That alone is valued at $1300/hr so $5200/mth. But for you, FREE WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP.

Each month I will be hosting Q&A sessions just for YOU! I will answer all of your questions about anything and everything. This is valued at $1300/mth - but not for you!

Are you ready for these numbers??? This is valued at $78,000/year!!!


You get to join a special elite community of like-minded people for FREE. Inside this community, you can network, interact, and learn. 


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