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Come With TRUST

Are you looking to Master Human Interactions with Trust-Based Conversational Techniques and Powerful Non-Verbal Skills? 

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Every conversation, whether an interview, negotiation, prospecting, or networking call, should be planned, intentional, and begin with rapport. Establish a connection within the first 5 minutes, and that will forge TRUST. When you have trust, you can get the TRUTH. I help my clients plan exactly WHAT to say, WHEN to say it, and HOW to say it so they can persuade others to feel comfortable and safe to share truthful information.  

I offer 1:1 private, professional mentoring & coaching services dedicated to successfully conquering your challenges using a combination of techniques I have used and perfected over the last two decades. I also offer online training programs where we meet twice weekly to perfect your skills and apply them in your world.

As a leader, entrepreneur, business owner, health practitioner, lawyer, and the list goes on...your success depends on making critical life decisions and helping others do the same. That starts with trust-based conversations.

I will teach you to be CONFIDENT in your CONVERSATIONAL SKILLSETS so you never worry about a critical conversation again.
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Techniques I teach that WILL transform how you interact with people:

  • There are certain things you cannot say to people, things we say every day that are disrespectful and detrimental to rapport. By changing certain words you will be amazed at the outcome - even when used in your personal lives.

  • Be aware of your nonverbals, you could be making people feel stressed, worried, and creepy!

  • People can catch your emotions...use mirror neurons to help calm others.

  • Use provocative statements (elicitation) instead of questions to make people feel comfortable - NOT like they are being interrogated!

  • Use my ESP technique to connect with people on deeper level.

  • Avoid thought distortions and investigate the facts.

  • Ask effective questions! Avoid leading, loaded, negative, compound, and vague.

  • Use my BOND negotiation tactics; principled negotiation to always walk away from a negotiation satisfied.

  • Learn how to profile someone's personality to better prepare your principled negotiation tactics.

  • Learn how to SOUND confident.

  • Learn how to uncover the truth from anyone with 4 simple questions.

  • Expose your power zones so you come across as open and confident...AND SO MUCH MORE!

More about how we can work together!

I offer exclusive 1:1 personal mentor programs specifically tailored to you so you can APPLY what you learn about interviewing, elicitation, negotiation, body language, deceptive analysis, and leadership in your life to get the results you want. In my mentor programs, I give you knowledge and coach you on how to make it personally profitable. 

I offer online training programs and courses. You can take them individually, or have access to ALL of my online training by joining my NEW membership site, ASCENSION

I have been a keynote speaker around the globe for numerous industries; aerospace, health and medical, pharmaceutical, entrepreneurs, sales, real estate, finance, retail, investment, insurance, and hospitality. I am a former TEDx speaker,  part of the International Spy Museum's Spy's Eye View Speaker Series, and SPYEX Expert speaker.


I will give you tools and techniques that you can walk away with and USE that day. You will not fall asleep! I will keep you engaged and on your toes. Lastly, I know will have an enviable edge over your industry competitors with what I offer and I know you will leave motivated and inspired to transform the norm!



+1 703. 898.6364

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What do a military interrogator, leader, salesperson, recruiter, investor, financial advisor, auditor, entrepreneur, business owner, interviewer, podcaster, and investigator have in common? They all must interact with people. They have to have trust-based conversations to persuade people to feel comfortable. When people feel comfortable around you, they start to trust you, and when you have their trust, they will open up and share information with you - no matter the consequences. 

As a former DoD interrogator with hundreds of intelligence interrogations under my belt and a former intelligence officer who leads teams of people in stressful situations, my work required making people feel comfortable so that I could keep people safe. It was a heavy burden to bear, and there was no room for mistakes.

Fast forward to the present, I use human intelligence techniques - many of which I have created from my own OJT, to help people in numerous industries perfect their conversational skills. My training in human behavior, interviewing, negotiation, and elicitation will hone your conversational skills sets to a master level. I know this because my clients continually thank me for transforming their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.


My expert knowledge in detecting deception, body language, and statement analysis, which came from thousands of hours and decades of interrogations, interviews, and assessment, ensure you vet and validate information to discover the truth.

Let's Connect! Book a free call with me HERE.

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My other book will help you uncover truth and lies like an expert interrogator!
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