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TRUST to TRUTH Bootcamp Registration 

TBA 2024!

Welcome! I am so excited to have you join me for 9 days of live training for my intensive TRUST to TRUTH Bootcamp. Get ready to learn techniques that will help you know WHO to TRUST and HOW to get the TRUTH from anyone.

If you want to take control of your communication skills (both verbal and nonverbal) and analyze human behavior with precision so you can accurately detect deception and then go after the truth with ease and confidence, JOIN ME! 


I will be sharing all of the techniques you have seen me demonstrate on my new TV series, Killer Performance, and MORE!


WHAT is this Bootcamp? The TRUST to TRUTH bootcamp will teach you how to spot the lies and get the truth from anyone. Plain and simple. 


WHO is this for? We can say anyone. But, if you are a business leader, you NEED to attend. Why? Because you need to know you can trust your stakeholders. Have you ever hired an employee, partnered with an investor, or bought from a vendor, who you shouldn't have? Well, now you will know how to read the warning signs and get the honest truth before making your next executive decision. 


WHAT is your ROI? Peace of mind when making more informed executive decisions on who to trust so you can prosper in 2024! 


Join me every day from 1200 to 1300 EST on Zoom. Date TBA 2024!
Upon registration, a Zoom Invitation will be emailed to you. 

Let's have a conversation about how to assess whether or not someone is lying to us and then, how to get the truth from them using TRUST. 


Let's face it, we have TRUST ISSUES today more than ever. 


Why? After the pandemic we became engrossed in technology because we had to. We buy online, we invest online, and more and more scammers emerged. Everyone took their business online - to include ME! - and we had no choice but to trust what was being told and sold to us. We even interview job candidates virtually and not in person so it’s easy to misread them and trust them when we shouldn’t. Now, times have changed. WE NEED TO get back to connecting IN PERSON, face-to-face for two reasons: 

  1. To connect on a deeper level​​ to gain TRUST

  2. To identify deceptive behaviors and get the TRUTH.

We need to be more savvy when it comes to investigating our gut feelings about people, things, and situations and we need to have confident conversations with people to investigate those gut feelings to FIND the TRUTH. If we can't, we may trust someone we shouldn't. 

WHY WOULD YOU WAIT TO KNOW HOW TO GAIN TRUST FROM ANYONE AND GET THEM TO TELL YOU TRUTH? If you wait, how do you know if a stokeholder in your world isn't already taking advantage of you? 

I focus on two pillars, TRUST & TRUTH, which can get you anything you want. Want to win people's TRUST in an instant, know when people are not being HONEST, and how to persuade them to tell the TRUTH? Then join me and find out how.

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