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Command Your Conversations

2-Day In-Person VIP ExperiencE with


I am hosting the 3rd CYC Cohort for a few select individuals on April 18 & 19th 2024, in Clearwater Beach, Florida, where you will dive deep into learning elite verbal and nonverbal communication techniques to COMMAND every CONVERSATION you have!


Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and learn conversational techniques that will help you increase your executive presence, be seen as someone people can trust, and go after what you want without fear?


This is a 2--day WORKSHOP so get ready to work! I promise you will have fun and leave transformed. How? Because you will:

  • Leave with eight new techniques to get information out of people without them knowing, such as what will motivate them to buy or buy into!

  • Know when someone is being honest and when they are not, so you don't trust or invest in someone you shouldn't.

  • Have two tools I created myself to use every time you plan for a critical conversation!

  • Be coached on YOUR body language by an expert! (Yes, me!)

  • Have a 30+ page reference guide to hold yourself accountable for commanding your conversations and getting what you want.

This is the same training I give to Special Forces!​

Hear from Rodney, one of the attendees!


Once you reserve your spot, you will receive an email receipt and information on how to book your room at our discounted rate. We will also provide travel information for those of you coming in from out of town.
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April 18, 2024


Today you will learn all about controlling a conversation, 8 elicitation techniques to get information without asking a question, the psychology behind how elicitation works, and 4 countermeasures to unassumingly get out of answering a question to protect your information!

You will bump a target in a real-world exercise and elicit information from them. Afterward, we will conduct a debrief and then an open forum Q & A. 

April 19, 2024


Today you will learn how to script an elicitation conversation, and then you will script a conversation with my guidance that you will have with a stakeholder. (You will first build a stakeholder map.) We will do hot-seat exercises where I will test your ability to think on your feet and recover from any conversational mishap! 

I will also be sharing techniques on how to remain emotionally calm, avoid thought distortions, control your mind, and increase your resilience & confidence.

All materials needed to script a conversation and build your stakeholder maps will be provided along with a special gift!

You will have a plated breakfast meal on both days, and coffee, tea, and refreshments throughout the day in addition to a morning and afternoon break snack. Lunch and dinner will be on your own. 

On Wednesday evening, we will have a happy hour meet-n-greet before class starts in the hotel. This is not mandatory, but we will be such an intimate group that I think it will be so worth it. 

You will be surrounded by warm breezes and the tranquility of the Caribbean blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Reserve your EARLY-BIRD ticket before they sell OUT!
ThIS IS A popular event AND Tickets WILL GO FAST!

YOUr early-bird PRICE: $2947
AFTER MARCH 1st the TICKET PRICE will be: $3547

WAIT! You can upgrade to the exclusive VIP experience! 

Join me for a private dinner Tuesday evening!

For $227, join me for a fabulous dinner and great conversation.

There are only a handful of tickets available for this experience, and it is on a first-come basis, so act fast before they go!

Feel free to interrogate me over dinner. I will share tips, tactics, and some crazy stories.

Join Me in Clearwater Beach for a 2-Day VIP Experience!
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Advanced Communication Course

If you are interested in taking your skills a step beyond and challenging yourself a bit more...then stay on with us and roll into our advanced training.


You must have attended the Command Your Conversations course in order to join these two days in advanced communication concepts and exercises. If you have taken Lena's online AEP training, contact her if you are interested in attending!
April 22 & 23, 2024
Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa

What can you expect to learn (and DO) in these 2 days?

Team meeting

Advanced Elicitation & Human Behavior

You learned elicitation techniques and the psychology behind why each of them work already. Now, you will learn a few more advanced techniques, the psychology behind why those work and practice them in the hot seat! You will have a total of 15 techniques that you can use in your operational bumps. You will also do a deeper dive into human behavior and learn how to SPOT the lies and GET THE TRUTH.

Group Of Business People Sitting Around Table

Negotiation Training & NPT Assessments

I will teach you my BOND principled negotiation tactics as well as everything you need to know regarding how to profile and assess your negotiation target. I created 8 Negotiation Partner Types (NPT) according to three personality dichotomies so you can increase the success of any negotiation. Learn how to be persuasive AND fair. You will have a real world negotiation exercise.

Business Meeting

Advanced Real Word Exercises

If you have trained with me already, you know I am a HUGE proponent of not only giving you techniques, methodology, and processes, I make you use them! So, this event is no different. You will be conducting two exercises, an elicitation/counter-elicitation bump and a negotiation bump. These exercises will be more challenging, however, I know you are ready for them! 

What will you leave with?

This is a 2--day WORKSHOP so get ready to work! I promise you will be challenged. We know each other by now and I have already seen amazing transformations from you all. Now, let's push your limit!

Become FEARLESS when it comes to communication. 

  • Leave with five new advanced elicitation techniques to get information out of people without them knowing. Don't worry, you will get a refresher on the other 10! 

  • Learn more about deceptive behaviors and how to persuade others to be HONEST. Know what to say when you expose a lie and how to get the truth.

  • Learn my principled BOND (Best Outcome in a Negotiated Deal) negotiation tactic as well as how to profile your negotiation partner type to understand how they prefer to negotiate.

  • Be coached on YOUR body language by an expert! (Yes, me!)

  • Have a 30+ page reference guide on all of this material.

  • Special gift from me!


Upgrade Your Ticket to a VIP Dinner Ticket!
For an additional $227, join Lena and a few others, for a lively dinner at the Spotted Monkey Cantina on Thursday evening! There are only a few of these tickets available so first come, first served. 
Sunday April 21st: 1730 - 1900; Meet & Greet with Lena and your Cohort at Coasters Lounge. Drinks & lite snacks are included in your ticket price.

Monday, April 22nd: 0800 - 0830: Breakfast. 0830 - 1700; Advanced Elicitation Techniques, Hot Seat exercises, Human Behavior and Deceptive Analysis, Bump Activity, Debrief. 
(VIP DINNER is at 1800 in the Spotted Monkey Cantina!)

*Two snack breaks are included today as well as water, coffee, tea, and soda all day. Lunch and dinner are on your own.

Tuesday, April 23rd: 0800 - 0830; Breakfast. 0830 - 1700; Negotiation training, NPTs, Persuasion Tactics, Negotiation exercise, Bump Activity, Debrief, Closing Remarks.
*Two snack breaks are included today as well as water, coffee, tea, and soda all day. Lunch and dinner are on your own.

Reserve your EARLYBIRD ticket before they sell OUT!
AFTER MARCH 1st the TICKET PRICE will be: $3547

Grab Your ACC Ticket!

Get the early bird price before November 1st!


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