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Why Hire Us?


We practice what we teach, and what we teach works.


We have decades of real-world experience, not just classroom.


We listen to your needs and develop training specifically for you.


We remain students in our trade consistently perfecting it.

Elite Special Forces and Agencies Trust our Expertise, and so should YOU

 At TCG, we have practiced what we teach and what we teach has proven successful in real-world high-stakes scenarios. Lena Sisco has conducted hundreds of interviews and interrogations. She conducts elicitation, detects deception, and has accumulated numerous leadership certifications. She consultants and trains federal and state law enforcement agencies regarding criminal cases. She is hired by elite organizations to test their strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities, and she has been training the Department of Defense in these skillsets since 2003. 
The feedback she continually receives from those who have attended her training is how relevant the information she taught was to their jobs, how enthusiastic she is as an instructor, how engaging and interactive her training is and when can they get more. She has a passion for teaching and it shows in her dedication and course delivery.

In 2013, she established The Congruency Group, LLC, to offer her expertise to a wider audience. Although she is internationally recognized as an interrogation, body language, and detecting deception expert, she has bridged her knowledge of human behavior with leadership. She is certified in Organizational Change Management, Discovery Learning Institutes' Change Style Indicator, Change Navigator, Decision Style Profile, and Power + Systems Organizational Workshop. She also has her certificate in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University. 

TCG Consulting/Coaching Services: Lena assists many clients to achieve personal and professional success such as; sales teams, medical personnel, auditors, investigators, law enforcement, human resources, and real estate agents, just to name a few. Lena also offers a 1:1 mentoring program, the PMP program, in which she uses her 6-step D.E.F.I.N.E. Goal Setting Coaching model to help you create a path to success. During your 1:1 coaching/mentoring journey, you choose the skills and expertise you want to enhance and perfect. As she teaches you her knowledge, you apply it. Her clients have amazing personal and professional success stories. 

TCG Training Services: Lena trains organizations in group settings in the following areas; all aspects and phases of non-accusatory interviewing, including working with interpreters, body language, rapport building, detecting verbal and nonverbal deception, statement analysis, conversational elicitation, and counter elicitation. She also trains individuals and organizations in change management, how to effectively handle change, and leadership skills that help individuals in team development, decision making, collaboration, influencing, and emotional intelligence.

TCG's mission is to provide individuals and organizations with a full spectrum of proven skills and techniques regarding human behavior that you can leverage to connect with people, cultivate positive relationships, influence trust, get the truth, protect yourself, and safeguard your assets, investments, and ultimately, lives.

TCG is a small veteran/woman-owned business. Please contact TCG with any inquiries via email at

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