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Why hire us? 

First, we have practiced what we teach. Lena is a former military interrogator; she consultants organizations regarding criminal cases; and she is hired by organizations to test their strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities. Second, Lena has been training Department of Defense and law enforcement personnel as well as private sector entities since 2003.  In 2015/2016 alone, she trained over 600 Customs and Border Patrol Agents, and hundreds of military personnel and private sector personnel. Third, the feedback she continually receives from those who have attended her training is how relevant the information she taught was to her participants' jobs, how enthusiastic she is an instructor, how engaging and interactive her training is and when can they get more.  She has a passion for teaching and it shows in her dedication and course deliveries.

In 2013, she established The Congruency Group, LLC, through which she offers training and consulting services to numerous entities today. 

TCG Consulting Services: Lena assists many clients to achieve personal and professional success such as; sales teams, medical personnel, auditors, investigators, law enforcement, human resources, just to name a few; conducting all types of interviews; providing statement analysis; and testing the proficiency of trainees in training environments.

TCG Training Services: Lena trains participants in the following areas; all aspects and phases of non-acusatory interviewing, to include working with interpreters, body language, rapport building, detecting verbal and nonverbal deception, statement analysis, conversational elicitation, and counter elicitation. Participants receive a TCG Certificate of Completion after they successfully prove a thorough understanding of their newly acquired skills.

TCG's mission is to provide individuals and organizations with a full spectrum of proven interpersonal skills and detecting deception techniques that will not only help you connect with people to cultivate positive relationships but will also protect you from them in order to safeguard assets, investments and ultimately, lives.

TCG is a small veteran/woman-owned business. TCG is registered with D&B and in SAM and can support government contracts. Please contact TCG with any inquiries via email at training@thecongruencygroup.com.

The Congruency Group