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1:1 Mastery Programs

Professional Mentor Programs (PMP)

I offer exclusive one-on-one personal mentor programs specifically tailored to you so you can APPLY what you learn about interviewing, elicitation, negotiation, body language, deceptive analysis, and leadership in your life to get the results you want.  


In my mentor programs, I give you the knowledge and you make it personally profitable.


You and I will work together for either three, six, or twelve months EVERY WEEK to conquer your challenges and obstacles as they pertain to skillset mastery. During these programs, you and I will devise a mentoring curriculum for either three, six, or twelve months that can include any of the following skillsets:

  • Leadership Skills (because they go hand in hand with communication and conversational skills) include:

    • Decision style profile, communication styles, leadership styles, strategic thinking, practicing foresight, talent acquisition, organizational systems

  • Organizational Change Management Skills; how to handle change: understanding the three change styles and the four stages of change

  • Profiling Human Behaviors for effective interaction 

    • You will assess personality traits, motivation, and personal preferences - when it comes to handling change, conflict, and stress

  • Advanced Interviewing Techniques

  • Advanced Conversational Elicitation and Counter-elicitation

    • You will ​learn fundamental factors about psychology and emotional intelligence to be an effective elicitor, 15 elicitation techniques, and how to plan and control conversations to get the information you need in an unassuming manner

  • My BOND Negotiation Tactics and How to Assess Your Negotiation Partner Type (NPT)

    • I personally developed The Best Outcome in a Negotiated Deal (BOND) and NPTs 

  • Techniques to Increase Your Awareness and Focus

  • Body Language Intelligence (BLI)

  • In-depth Deceptive Analysis 

    • You will learn the most accurate and thorough ways to detect deception and get the truth

  • Statement and Word Analysis Training (SWAT)

    • You will learn how to analyze any spoken or written statement to determine ​the veracity of the information


I will share tons of resources to help you perfect your communication and apply it in your world. Are you ready to innovate your life?  


How You Can Take Advantage of These Programs. I can...:

  • listen in on your phone calls and give you immediate feedback and guidance to increase the effectiveness of the communication and rapport.

  • help you plan for meetings, interviews, and events

  • help you re-write your script; whether it is a cold call sales pitch or an interview with a criminal suspect

  • review and critique your interviews 

  • accurately assess your body language and provide feedback on ways to change it to exude confidence and authority

  • help you assess the personality preferences of those you work with to help break down communication barriers and increase rapport

And more. Bring your challenge to me!


What to expect:

  • Each week you and I will meet via Zoom for one hour to discuss and objectively analyze your challenge(s)/goal(s) and develop courses of action.

  • After our call, you will receive an email recap of our conversation and follow-on action items. These may include completing worksheets, reading material that I recommend/provide, scheduling meetings, drafting feedback, meeting a personal goal, and more.  These assignments may require you to complete them before our next scheduled call.


If you are interested in taking yourself to the next level of mastery in any of these areas, check out the three EMP programs below to see which one best fits your needs and lifestyle.


The 3-Month PMP program: $3900 ($1300/month) 

Welcome to the Level 1 Professional Mentor Program.  


In this program, we will meet for a total of 12 sessions. Each week we will get together on Zoom for 1 hour. That means you will get four hours a month for three months.  If you have a challenge/goal that can be met in three months, we will achieve it together! We will elevate your skill set above and beyond the core training you received so that you can apply the techniques in your life to your real-world situations.


The 6-Month PMP program: $7,200 ($1200/month) 

Welcome to the Level 2 Professional Mentor Program.  


We will meet for a total of 24 sessions. Each week we will get together on Zoom for 1 hour. That means you will get four hours a month for six months. Not only will we elevate your skill set above and beyond the core training you received previously, but we will have half a year to do it. We can really dig into issues, gain more clarity, and attack them more strategically because we have more time. 

  • By joining the six-month program versus the three-month one, you are saving $600!


The 12-Month PMP program: $13,200 ($1100/month) 

Welcome to the Level 3 Professional Mentor Program.  


We will meet for a total of 48 sessions. Each week we will get together on Zoom for 1 hour. That means you will get four hours a month for A YEAR. This is the most intense mentor program because we will have a YEAR to do a deep dive into numerous interconnected issues. Because we have more time together, we can easily set more visionary goals, such as life transformations (new job, new role, new career, growing a successful team, initiating broad changes, and so much more!) If you want to attack more significant challenges requiring more time, this program is for you.  

  • By joining the 12-month program versus the six-month, you are saving $1200!


Upon deciding on the right program for you, I will send you a contract agreement to sign. Upon signature, you will be billed at the beginning of each month until the contract termination date. 


It would be an honor to work with you one-on-one.  Let me know if you have any questions about the programs. 

Let’s Work Together

Please get in touch so I can answer your questions and we can partner to bring you an elite level of skills you can use in your personal and professional life.

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