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Some of Lena's clients include...

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Lena is a keynote speaker for numerous industries; aerospace, health and medical, pharmaceutical, sales, real-estate, finance, retail, investment, insurance, and hospitality.  She is also part of the International Spy Museum's Spy's Eye View Speaker Series.  Topics she speaks on include:

  • Enhanced Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Detecting Deception

  • Body Language

  • Awareness; Self and Situational

  • Rapport Skills

  • Leadership Skills

Some of Lena's keynote topics are as follows: 

  • Deceptive Analysis Secrets from a Former Expert Military Interrogator to Spot the Lies and Get the Truth | 90 minutes

  • The ABC’s of Perfecting Human Interaction; Awareness, Body Language and Communication | 90 minutes

  • Body Language and the Butterfly Effect; Discover Hidden Nonverbal Messages Today to Avoid Damaging Effects Tomorrow | 60 minutes

  • The Information Every Body Has That You May Be Missing; Find Out What Hidden Messages You May be Sending Through Your Body Language, and the Hidden Messages Others are Sending to You | 60 minutes

  • You May Be Inattentionally Blind; Increase Your Awareness to Enhance Your Interpersonal Skills | 60 minutes

  • Advanced Communication Strategies for Influential Leaders; Excel in Your Role as Manager, Mediator & Mentor | 90 minutes

Lena's seminar topics are as follows:

  • Learn to Be a Highly Influential Leader, Communicate Effectively and Read People Plus Situations in 5 Minutes or Less  | 4 hours

  • The 3 Critical C’s of Business Acumen; Communication, Culture and Change:  How to Communicate Cross-Culturally and Navigate Culture Change | 4 hours

Lena's workshops are as follows:

  • How to Handle Change: Discover How to People Handle Change and the Most Effective Way to Initiate Change  | 1 day

  • R.E.B.L.E. Workshop; Be a Detecting Deception Expert, Be a R.E.B.L.E.  | 1 day

Please email us today to receive a copy of TCG's 2019 Catalogue of Offering and Services.  If you are interested in hiring Lena as your keynote speaker, please contact Kerry Strollo at KK@ROKKspeakers.com or call her at 781-369-5946. Kerry can provide you with keynote and seminar descriptions, pricing, and answer any inquiries you have.