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Control Critical Conversations
Interview, Negotiation, and Body Language Skill Sets
for Elite Professionals to Obtain the Real Facts 
Using the psychology of human behavior, we teach you how to have trust-based conversations with CLIENTS, STAFF, and PEERS to obtain the real facts so you can make critical decisions effectively.

Trust = Truth = Effective Decisions = Success

Does This Sound Like YOU?

I'm in sales and I need to know my clients' pain points without asking them straight out
I am a leader and want to act authentically and gain the trust of your followers

I'm in marketing and I need discrete techniques to understand my competition

I'm in human resources and I want to find the right talent and then vet that talent to ensure I am hiring someone I can trust

I am a public figure and I have to master an interview with what I say verbally and nonverbally

I want to speak confidently especially when it comes to difficult conversations such as giving feedback or handling conflict

I'm an entrepreneur and I want to connect with people and earn their trust and increase my revenue

I am conducting a financial audit and need the real facts

I'm an agent and I need high-stakes negotiation tactics

Then I bet this is also true... 

You want to know how to ACCURATELY read a room, a person, and a situation

You want to MASTER any conversation and collect VITAL information without ever asking a question

You want to come across as confident and credible, build amazing RAPPORT, and get others to TRUST you
You want ELITE interviewing skills to be able to detect deception and get the TRUTH
WHO Hires Lena?
Lena has worked with international audit, tax, accounting, and consulting firms such as Mazars, Praxity, BKD, and Moss Adams; investor relations and consulting firms such as the Edison Group, executive networking companies such as Evanta; academics such as the American Colleges of Pharmacy; security and intelligence agencies such as Dept. of Homeland Security, Special Forces, and both State and Federal Law Enforcement, and so many more. See her client list here.
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How can Lena help you?

She will teach YOU how to READ people, improve your PRESENCE in front of people, CONTROL a conversation with people, and tell if people are being HONEST.

Lena offers exclusive 1:1 Professional Mentoring, Engaging Online Programs, Keynotes, and In-Person Workshops

If you are interested in personal change, growth, and success, Lena will take you there. If you want to be more influential and confident and master your conversational skills, you can. If you want to protect yourself from manipulators, learn techniques to spot deception, and get the truth, she will teach you how.

FIRST, check out her Professional Mentor Programs, in which she uses her expertise in human behavior, inter and intra-personal skills, and leadership to help you choose the right course of action to successfully meet your challenges HERE, you can browse her Advanced Online Training Programs HERE,Corporate Keynote & Workshops HERE, and her service industry Mobile Training Classes HERE.

SECOND, schedule a FREE 15-minute confidential consult call with her to find out how she can help you HERE.


Lena's newest book is available NOW!


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Lena is the Founder and CEO of TCG. She is an internationally recognized expert in Human Behavior, Interviewing, Negotiation, Elicitation, Trust-Based Conversational Skills, Body Language, Truth Analysis, Statement Analysis, and Organizational Change Leadership. 

Get trained by a validated expert with DECADES of real-world experience in HIGH-STAKES situations. Lena has trained thousands of people, most of whom are on the front lines keeping our country safe from criminals and acts of terrorism. She will teach you her techniques to persuade people to be open and honest - even in life-threatening situations - that only she developed when she was a US Navy Human Intelligence Officer and US Marine Corps interrogator. Why wait to use elite skills that will give you an enviable edge? If you are in sales, an entrepreneur, an investigator, a coach, a leader, or a public figure, Lena will teach you aspects of human behavior that can keep you safe and launch you to personal and professional success. Do not misread any situation again. 


Lena took her expertise to the private sector years ago so she could help people and organizations master their verbal and nonverbal communication skills so they can interview with confidence, discover the truth with ease, have fearless conversations, negotiate like a pro, public speak with poise, and lead with expertise. When you know WHAT to say and HOW to say it, you can accomplish anything.

Lena offers two online Master Programs: 
Advanced Elicitation and Interviewing & Negotiation  

These are 3-month intensive online programs with one-on-one coaching from Lena herself.

Elicitation is an elite human intelligence tradecraft that few know and even fewer teach. Lena is the leading expert in this tradecraft, still training special forces. She now offers this training to the private sector. You will undoubtedly have a powerful advantage because your competitor most likely doesn't even know what elicitation is. Lena will teach you how to obtain the most sensitive information without ever asking a question while gaining respect and trust from others. This is a superpower that is used for good. 

Interviewing and negotiation skills are not just for investigating criminal cases or hostage scenarios. They are techniques for anyone in any industry who needs to discover critical information, in a timely manner, validate that information, and negotiate terms that lead to a successful outcome. We use these techniques when hiring new employees or a babysitter. We use them when we buy a car or when we are selling one. We use these skills to obtain information to make critical life decisions.

Founder & CEO

Lena is the undisputed authority when it comes to analyzing human behavior to detect deception, building rapport to gain trust, and getting the truth.


She is a former Navy Intelligence Officer and DoD-certified interrogator. Since 2003 she has been training the government, military, law enforcement, and the private sector in interviewing, interrogation, body language, detecting deception, elicitation, leadership, and enhanced communication skills.  


She is a published author, TEDx speaker, expert in body language and statement analysis on numerous TV shows, and a guest speaker for SPYEX and the International SPY Museum - she's even featured in their Martar Hari exhibit. Lena is also certified in the Psychology of Leadership, Organizational Change Management, multiple profile assessments, Six Sigma, and Instructional Systems Design.

She trains and keynote speaks around the globe. She is internationally recognized as an expert in her field of human behavior. Lena developed and teaches the SISCO Interview Method to Law Enforcement in the States.

She founded the Congruency Group in 2013 to share her knowledge with people like you. Have fun exploring what we have to offer.


The Congruency Group trains people in numerous industries focused on enhanced communication skills, interviewing and interrogation, advanced deceptive analysis, elicitation, and leadership competencies. Whether you are in the government, military, or private industry, our expert knowledge will be a high-value asset. We offer training, consulting, and coaching services in the following areas:

  • Advanced Strategic Interviewing & Interrogation: Lena created a strategic non-accusatory method of interviewing that she trains law enforcement around the country. Her techniques have proven successful in the field. She teaches her interviewing method to anyone who needs to gather truthful information: financial auditors, professional recruiters, sales personnel, and more.

  • Comprehensive Deceptive Analysis (Verbal & Nonverbal): Learn accurate behavioral indicators of stress and deception and how to identify the difference between them so you do not falsely accuse someone of lying. Lena is a leading expert in this field.  She has conducted hundreds of interrogations and interviews on terrorists, criminals, and litigants.

  • Elicitation and Counter-elicitation: This elite tradecraft is for business intelligence professionals as well as military intelligence. If you want a competitive advantage in your industry, this is the tradecraft you need to gain high-value information while safeguarding your own.

  • Body Language intelligence: There are many organizations that teach body language, but are they experts? Lena has over two decades of real-world experience in accurately assessing body language in life-saving situations. She even discovered a few 'tells' no one else teaches in her research. She teaches "Body Language Intelligence," techniques that debunk myths and common perceptions. 

  • Advanced Leadership Competencies: Lena trains government agencies and law enforcement in leadership competencies based upon decades of research in leadership fundamentals and behavioral science. Lena received her certificate in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University. 

  • Change Management & Organizational Systems: Lena is certified in OCM and in Barry Oshry's Organizational Workshop, which focuses on partnerships and systemic conditions that can cause partnerships to fall apart. She is also certified in Discovery Learning Institute's Change Style Indicator and Change Navigator Assessment Tools and Decision Style Profile. She has been training government agencies and law enforcement in transformational leadership skills and organizational change management since 2015. 

  • Conflict Resolution: Learn how to effectively and successfully manage and de-escalate conflict with techniques rooted in biology and interpersonal communication skills.

Please see our course descriptions and our consulting services for more detailed information about what we offer, or contact us today to receive a 2022 catalog of our services and offerings.  

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Lena Sisco, Founder & CEO


Gavin Stone
Principal Trainer


Kerry Strollo
Booking Agent

Meet the Team

Gavin Stone is a former civil servant for the British ministry of defense with over 20 years of experience in the security and intelligence industry. In 2010 Gavin began training recruits in areas such as close protection, covert surveillance, investigation, and intelligence gathering for both the government and private sector. Gavin is certified hypnotist with an extensive background in psychology, and mind control. He is an NLP practitioner, and deception detection, body language, and human behavior expert. You can follow him on Twitter @AuthorGavin or his Facebook page; Gavin Stone Author

Kerry brings years of experience and finesse and handles all of Lena's speaking contracts. If you are interested in hiring Lena, please call her at 781-369-5946 or email her at

Lena is a former US Navy Intelligence Officer and U.S. Marine Corps certified interrogator who deployed during GWOT.  She is a published author, TEDx presenter, keynote speaker, TV expert, instructor/trainer, and Instructional Systems Design (ISD) certified curriculum developer. Other certifications include the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University, Organizational Change Management, Ratheon Six Sigma, Change Style Indicator, Change Navigator, Decision Style Profile, and Power + Systems Lab's Organizational Workshop. She brings her human intelligence (HUMINT) skills to you no matter what industry you are in. She has trained thousands of military, law enforcement, and DoD personnel as well as various organizations in the private sector industries such as sales, marketing, health, business intelligence, and finance. She is energetic, engaging, and teaches from real-life experiences. Lena is a graduate of Brown University with her Masters in Old World Archaeology & Art. She is an animal advocate and has been volunteering at numerous organizations with animals since 2005. Her hobbies include sailing, writing, and always learning. 

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