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Know WHO to Trust and How to Have Conversations that Create Trust
with Lena Sisco
Body Language, Deceptive Analysis, Interview,
Elicitation, & Communication Expert

Protect Yourself & Your Investments


Lena Sisco,
CEO & Founder

Lena created two NEW Online membership sites,

WHY? Because where can you join a membership site and gain access to the most advanced training programs, attend WEEKLY live training, receive a ton of reference material to download, have access to a monthly group coaching call, and network with other like-minded people with whom you can brainstorm with while enhancing your awareness of Human Intelligence - without paying a fortune? 
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Lena is a former Intelligence Officer and DoD-certified interrogator during the Global War on Terror.
She helped save lives then, and she still does now. She will teach you how to be a fearless communicator.
Know how to be persuasive and confident, go after the truth, and command every conversation you have. 

Lena focuses on two pillars, TRUST & TRUTH, which can get you anything you want.

Want to win people's TRUST in an instant, know when people are not being HONEST, and how to persuade them to tell the TRUTH? Then keep reading.  


Lena was asked to weigh in other Alec Murdaugh trial.

You have seen her on Couples Court, Court TV, FoxLiveNow, and HBO. She is the leading expert in verbal and nonverbal communication. She is an expert guest in assessing celebrity and criminal body language.

Lena did 3 seasons on the Emmy-nominated show.

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How can Lena help you?

Using the psychology of human behavior she will teach YOU how to READ people, improve your PRESENCE in front of people, CONTROL a conversation with people, and tell if people are being HONEST - in any situation.

Lena offers exclusive 1:1 Professional Mentoring, Engaging Online Programs, and in-person Keynotes & Workshops.

Lena mentors you;
she doesn't coach you.

What's the difference? 

Coaches guide you to success by helping you hone your expertise; mentors give you their expertise to be successful.

  • If you are interested in personal change, growth, and success, Lena will take you there.

  • If you want to be more influential and confident in your conversational skills, you will!

  • If you want more qualified leads to grow your business, you can start now!

  • If you want to gain the trust of your clients and your team, what are you waiting for? Do it!

  • If you want to protect yourself, learn techniques to spot deception and get the truth, she will teach you how.


Get trained by a validated expert with DECADES of real-world experience in HIGH-STAKES situations. Why wait to use elite skills that will give you an enviable edge? If you are in sales, an entrepreneur, an investigator, a coach, a leader, or a public figure, Lena will teach you aspects of human behavior that can keep you safe and launch you to personal and professional success. Do not misread any situation again. 

Check out her two NEW membership sites, ELEVATE and ASCENSION, her Professional Mentor Programs, and Corporate Keynotes.

Please schedule a FREE 15-minute confidential consult call with her to find out how she can help you HERE.

Lena offers two online Master Programs: 
Advanced Elicitation and Interviewing
& Negotiation  
These are 3-month intensive online programs with one-on-one coaching from Lena herself.
If you join ASCENSION, you get access to both of these programs, and ALL of Lena's online training courses for only $827/month! AND, weekly live training with Lena each Wednesday. 
You can join and cancel any time. Check out ASCENSION!

Elicitation is an elite human intelligence tradecraft that few know and even fewer teach. Lena is the leading expert in this tradecraft, still training special forces. She now offers this training to the private sector. You will undoubtedly have a powerful advantage because your competitor most likely doesn't even know what elicitation is. Lena will teach you how to obtain the most sensitive information without ever asking a question while gaining respect and trust from others. This is a superpower that is used for good. 

Interviewing and negotiation skills are not just for investigating criminal cases or hostage scenarios. They are techniques for anyone in any industry who needs to discover critical information, in a timely manner, validate that information, and negotiate terms that lead to a successful outcome. We use these techniques when hiring new employees or a babysitter. We use them when we buy a car or when we are selling one. We use these skills to obtain information to make critical life decisions.

Let me ask... 
Does This Sound Like YOU?

I'm in sales and I need to know my clients' pain points without asking them straight out
I am a leader and want to act authentically and gain the trust of your followers

I'm in marketing and I need discrete techniques to understand my competition

I'm in human resources and I want to find the right talent and then vet that talent to ensure I am hiring someone I can trust

I am a public figure and I have to master an interview with what I say verbally and nonverbally

I want to speak confidently, especially when it comes to difficult conversations such as giving feedback or handling conflict

I'm an entrepreneur and I want to connect with people and earn their trust and increase my revenue

I am conducting a financial audit and need the real facts

I'm an agent and I need high-stakes negotiation tactics

Then I bet this is also true... 

You want to know how to ACCURATELY read a room, a person, and a situation

You want to MASTER any conversation and collect VITAL information without ever asking a question

You want to come across as confident and credible, build amazing RAPPORT, and get others to TRUST you
You want ELITE interviewing skills to be able to detect deception and get the TRUTH

Now let me ask you, what do you want to do about it?

It's time to make the decision that will transform your future. Perfect your human-2-human interactions and get what you want - the TRUTH.

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