This three-day course teaches you how to accurately detect deception so you do not lose information or your reputation and credibility.  Lena firmly believes detecting deception is a science, with proven indicators of deception. In this course, she will tell you what you need to know, and do, in order to detect deception and analysis indicators of deception with the most accuracy a human can have! 

There is no such thing as a lie detector. A polygraph is NOT a lie detector.  The only technology that can determine lies with 100% accuracy is an fMRI scan.  Since that is not a viable option for us interviewer/interrogators, the next best thing is a human lie detector.  Why? Simple.  Because humans can identify BOTH verbal and nonverbal indicators of deception, at the same, we can analyze them and determine the difference between indicators of stress and indicators of stress from lying, we can baseline normal behaviors, we can build rapport, and use advanced questioning techniques to ultimately get the truth.  Tell me what machine can do that?  


This course will cover indicators of deception and her go-to lie exposing questions and what to say when the lie is exposed to ultimately get the truth.  Participants will detect deception in each other in role-play scenarios, as well as be tested with videos.  There are no role players in this training so all deceptive indicators are real world, not acted out.  


We guarantee you will be able to detect deception accurately by the end of three days by avoiding the most common, and detrimental, mistakes.