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Conversational Elicitation & Behavioral Indicators (CEBIC)



This two-day course teaches participants skills in two critical areas:

  • Elicitation: Participants will learn conversational elicitation techniques and elicitation countermeasures to protect themselves if they become the target of elicitation.  This section includes 10 conversational elicitation techniques to gain information while concealing the objective; rapport-building techniques to gain likability and trust; and body language dos and don’ts for looking and feeling confident. If a person leaks insecurity and anxiety while in an operational status, the effects can be extremely damaging to their own safety and to the mission. Participants will also learn why elicitation works and how to be an effective elicitor. Elicitation is an operational tool that exploits aspects of human psychology; certain aspects of which make human sources vulnerable to elicitation techniques. Participants will be required to conduct a real-world elicitation exercise.

  • Deceptive Indicators: Participants will learn the basics on how to accurately, and quickly, detect deceptive indicators, both verbal and nonverbal, in others.  Participants will be tested on their observation and detecting deception skills through videos and role-play exercises. 

This is a fast-paced course with a lot of material.  Prior experience or familiarization is beneficial but not needed. 

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