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Advanced Counter-Elicitation Course (ACE)

(5-Day Training)


This five-day course teaches participants the art of controlled conversational elicitation and the skill of deflecting elicitation attempts made by others while remaining the "grey person;" not letting your elicitor know that you know they are trying to elicit you for information.  Participants will learn how to obtain information through elicitation to answer requirements and also how to protect themselves and their information if they should become the target of elicitation. This course teaches 15 proven elicitation techniques which all involve crafting effective provocative statements to provoke responses from targets so the conversation flows freely and effortlessly.  


Participants will learn and practice how to profile their target, bump a target, gain their trust, bait them into a conversation, control the conversation, elicit information without ever revealing their objective(s), and counter elicitation attempts made by others expertly using the ARRE method created by Lena herself. 


Confidence is a critical factor when it comes to effective elicitation.  Participants will learn body language do’s and don’ts for looking and feeling confident.  If a person leaks insecurity and anxiety while eliciting during an operational status, the effects can be extremely damaging to their safety and the mission.  Elicitation is an operational tool that exploits aspects of human psychology; certain aspects of which make human sources vulnerable to elicitation techniques.  Participants will learn why elicitation works and how to be an effective elicitor. Participants will also learn the basics of how to accurately, and quickly, detect deceptive indicators, both verbal and nonverbal, in others, to ensure the truthfulness and accuracy of the information they elicit.  Participants will be tested on their observation, detecting deception, elicitation, and counter-elicitation skills through real-world exercises using highly trained and credentialed elicitation role players. 


TCG trains numerous industries, government, and military personnel in the art of conversational elicitation. For years our clients have respected the expertise we have gained from our real-world experience, our professionalism, flexibility, and, of course, discretion.  We have helped companies gain a competitive edge while protecting their proprietary information and gathering strategic insights necessary for decision-making. We have also worked with government agencies and military departments on matters pertaining directly to U.S. national security. 

Please contact us for more information on this elite tradecraft that until now, was ONLY reserved for intelligence agencies. 

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