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6 Steps to Resolve Conflict

Without Going Limbic



You have probably heard that two things are unavoidable in life, death, and taxes. There is a third thing that is also inevitable, which is conflict. Whether in the workplace or at home, disagreements will happen because, as humans, we are all different. We think and act differently, we prefer different things, and we communicate according to our distinct inherent preferences. Although our world could not function without diversity, dissimilarity can cause friction among us.

When dealing with conflict, always remain objective, emotionally controlled, non-accusatory, respectful, and empathetic.  Those are what I consider the fundamental skills we all should be able to embody as effective communicators. Our emotions will try to hijack these necessary skills, so we need to exercise our emotional intelligence to control our emotional reactions and how we express our feelings. Notice I did not say ‘control’ our emotions, because you cannot. We experience emotions because our limbic system decides how we will feel as a result of particular circumstances. Overriding our limbic system is nearly impossible, but we can control our reactions to our emotions and how we express them.

This course teaches you six steps to effectively handle any type of conflict that arises in a conversation, whether spoken, emailed, or texted. These steps will provide you with a paradigm shift so that you do not have to fear conflict, but instead, embrace it and masterfully conquer it.  

Time Investment: 1-hour self-paced online course

Cost Investment: $195 USD.  The course is offered at

What You Will Receive: Training facilitated by Lena and a Reference Guide that you can use to successfully prepare for any upcoming challenging conversation, or, two re-engage a previous unresolved disagreement.

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